Scenario 3 – A Conversation


Scenario 3 – A Conversation

Another common use for branching is dialog – having a characters responses change depending on what you choose to say. In this scenario we will construct a very basic conversation with the home owner at the front door.

Navigate to the “Conversational Dialog” Script

Select the “Conversational Dialog” script from the dashboard. You will see the script set up in the same way as the previous two. The only object we will interact with in this script is the homeowner at the front door.

Create a Character message with response choices

Drag an “Object Playable” into the work area of the new frame. Configure as follows:

  1. This playable will be attached to the customer at the front door
  2. It will be a “Character Message”. Fill out what she will say

Add Responses

Add some responses to the character message:

Save and Test

Save your work. Reset the app and test. You will need to be at the front door when the scenario starts.

Challenge: Use the branch authoring pattern we have used previously to keep the scenario going. What might the customer say in response to our answers?