Scenario 4 – A Multiple Choice Question

Scenario 4 – A Multiple Choice Question

Branching can also occur based on the choices of a multiple choice question.
In this final scenario we will test the user on what kind of doorbell the homeowner has.

Navigate to the “Multiple Choice Question” script

Navigate to the “Multiple Choice Question” script. The editor is set up as before with the scene objects in the first frame.

Add a doorbell sound

Create a new frame and call it “Play Chime”

use an “Object Playable – Audio” resource

Drag and “Object Playable” into the work area of the new frame. Configure it as follows:

  1. Attach the sound to the doorbell mount
  2. Set content type to “Audio”
  3. Select “Mechanical Chime” from the media catalog

Ask trainee what they heard

Create a subframe below the “Play Chime” frame:

Drag an “Inquiry resource” into the work area and configure as follows:

Add the text responses by choosing “Text response” from the “Responses” field. You need to set the “event” field in each of these responses as well if you want to branch based on the trainee choice.

Save and Test

You have created a multiple choice question. You can have the scenario branch based on the trainee’s answers and provide feedback. Check back here for the continuation of this tutorial!