Use AR to Collect a Virtual Item from a GPS Location


Motive gives you a few ways to use AR to collect a virtual item from a GPS location.

1. Location Valuables

You can use Location Valuables to collect items in AR by choosing an AR collection mechanic. This can be found under “Collect Options”:

2. Location Task with AR Catcher Minigame

A Location Task with a “take” action and “AR Catcher Minigame” will prompt the user to collect the item in AR mode (you’ll need to click “View Advanced” to see this option):

3. Use Motive Scripting

You can also use Motive Scripts to create an AR collectible item. This takes a few more steps, but gives you more fine-grained control over how the scenario plays out.

  1. Place an item in AR. (Read more about how to Add AR Items to GPS Locations)
  2. On item “select“:
    1. Give the player a “Player Reward
    2. Remove the item from the screen using “Deactivate Resource”