Using The Motive Asset Bundler



Using the Motive Asset Bundler

About the Bundler

  • The bundler is a side project that we threw together to improve working with asset bundles in Unity with Motive. It was done as a proof of concept and as such there is a lot of redesign/work to be done in the future.
  • However, the master branch of this project will always be working well enough for most users to consistently use.
  • If the uploader is not working for you please get in touch via github issues so that we are made aware of it.
  • We welcome contributions. If you see something you would like improved please submit a pull request and we will be more than happy to have a look at including those changes.

Get The Bundler

  1. Git LFS

    • The asset bundler uses LFS to distribut the Motive DLLs. You will need to install git lfs if you do not have it yet. It can be installed by following the

      official instructions

  2. Create an empty project

    • Using Unity 2017 create an empty 3d project. The official and supported workflow for using the asset bundler is to have a seperate project for working with and creating the asset bundles. If you would like to work in your existing Motive project you can remove the sdk folder of the cloned project and it theoretically should work. But we do not support this.

  3. Create folder for repo

    • Inside of the repository that you are in create a project under /Assets for the bundler.
    • Name the folder Editor.
    • Create a sub folder of Editor called Bundler.
    • Your project should now have an empty folder under /Assets/Editor/Bundler/
    • If you are using git bash from the proect folder you can run
  mkdir /Assets/Editor/Bundler -p

  1. Navigate into the Bundler folder
    cd Assets/Editor/Bundler

  1. Clone the repo inside the Bundler folder you created in step 3

    • Navigate over to the bundler repo
    • This is where the latest changes will alway be available, and any current known issues will be tracked here.
    • If you would like to report an issue or contribute to the project (we welcome improvements)
    • Using Git, clone the repo
    git clone

  1. Pull the lfs files.

    • Change directories to the git repo and pull all of the lfs files.
    git lfs pull

  1. Add the Editor Window

    • In the Unity menu, go to Motive/Editor/Bundler and add the window wherever you would like it in your Unity setup.

  2. Log In to Motive

    • Log in using your Motive Credentials. For security reasons the bundler does not store this anywhere so you may be asked to log in again later.

  3. Select your project space

    • Select the project space that you would like to upload bundles to.
  4. Select a build target
    • The bundler can build for Android and IOS. WSA support is coming soon.
    • This is the directory in which the bundler should build your asset bundles. It should be above the assets folder.Select a build directory.

  5. Tag your assets

    • The bundler will build any bundles that you have created using the standard Unity method. Tag these assets with a bundle and they wil be created.

  1. Toggle on append hash

    • The asset bundler operates in two modes, destructive mode, and append hash mode. In append hash mode, your old asset bundles will never be deleted from motive, and you can always revert back to an old bundle.

  2. Build and Upload

    • At this point there should be a button labelled “build”. Simply click this and the asset bundles will build and upload for the given platform. Once the editor becomes responsive again you can log into the Motive website and begin using these assets!